Multiculturalism Under the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Virtual Event, Edmonton AB - September 17, 22 and 25, 2020

All Times are in Mountain Daylight Time (UTC -06:00)

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Day 1

September 17, 2020

Morning Program - Elementary Children Focus

Watch the full program on YouTube.

10:00 - 10:25

Greetings from Minister Leela Aheer

Hon. Leela Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

Art Drawing & Talk by Emily Chu

Emily Chu

10:30 - 10:50

Chinese Mid-Autumn Stories by Magpie Puppet Club

Magpie Puppet Club 喜鹊纸偶团

The Jade Rabbit ; The Lady on the Moon ; Wugang and the Osmanthus Tree

Puppeteers 纸偶师

Denzel Beltran

Isaac Friesen 馮艾杰

Wilson Kau 范文杰

Nicholas Ying 应嘉泷

George Zhang 张雨晨

10:50 - 11:00

Songs by Zoe Yee

Zoe Yee

11:00 - 11:20

Mid-Autumn Celebration Traditions by Edmonton Chinese Community

Krystal Liu, Chinese Benevolent Association of Edmonton

Ed Lam, Fukienese Association of Alberta

11:20 - 11:23

Isolation Hopak by Canada's Ukrainian Shumka Dancers

Shumka Dancers

11:23 - 11:30

Songs by Mary Stinchcombe

Mary Stinchcombe

Break 11:30 - 1:00

Afternoon Program - Junior High Youth Focus

Watch the full program on YouTube.

1:00 - 1:20

Jewish Harvest Celebration and Food

Karen Gall - Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation

1:20 - 1:30

Full Moon in the Mid-Autumn by Instructor, Dr. Guangyu Yan and Piano Accompaniment, Howard Yan


ICAN Seniors Association and Twin Brooks Community League

1:30 - 2:20

Multiculturalism in the Current Context

Moderator: Cecilia Lai (My Radio 580)


Beryl Scott - Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation

Satya Brata Das - Cambridge Strategies

Svetlana Pavlenko - Jewish Drop In Centre (JDIC) Seniors Centre

Frankline Agbor - Diversity Magazine

Jwamer (Joey) Jalal - Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative

2:20 - 2:30

Handcraft Lantern Making by Artist Isabel Dong

Isabel Dong - ICAN Seniors Association

End of the 1st Day

Day 2

September 22, 2020

Morning Program - High School Youth and Young Adults

Watch the complete program on YouTube

10:00 - 10:50

Artists and Performers Staying Creative in COVID-19

Moderator: Shawn Tse (Fallout Media)


Nisha Patel - Edmonton Poet Laureate

Mustafa Rafiq - Multidisciplinary Artist Black Arts Matter

Elsa Robinson - Multimedia Artist and Teacher

Becca Taylor - Artist, Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective

10:50 - 11:05

Reflection on Integrating Culture into Learning and Professional Work

David Ridley, Edmonton Heritage Council

Stephen Williams, Edmonton Arts Council

11:05 - 11:15

Folk Dance, Small City Ballad, Instructor: Lillian Zhang


ICAN Seniors Association & COVID-9teen Volunteer Group

11:15 - 11:30

Harvest Time at Edmonton Downtown Farmers' Market

Edmonton Downtown Farmers' Market Association

The Barn Dance

Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company

Break 11:20 - 2:00

Afternoon Program - Family Program

Watch the full program on YouTube.

2:00 - 2:20

Mooncake Making Demonstration

Elsa Ngan & Meiying Li - ICAN Seniors Association

Ice-skin Mooncake Ingredients:
(for making 5-8 mini moon cakes)
- Milk (1/4 cup)
- Coconut CREAM (1/4 cup) (not coconut milk)*
- Fried glutinous rice flour (50 g)
- icing sugar (25 g)
- red- bean pasts (120 g)

Kitchen utensils needed:
- a kitchen scale*
- measuring cups
- measuring spoons
- 1 sandwich ziploc bag
- plastic gloves
- mini moon cake mould (to make the moon cake into a desirable size & shape)

Savory Mooncake Ingredients:
Water-oiled dough:
- flour (200 g)
- sugar (30 g)
- oil or lard (60 g)
- water (95 g)
- salt (2 g)

Lard dough:
- flour (180 g)
- oil or lard (100g).

Meat stuffing:
- ground pork (400g)
- spices up to choice
- soy bean source (up to choice)
- cooking wine (1 tbs)
- sesame oil
- salt

2:20 - 2:30

Beautiful Time and Mongolian Dance "Norligerma"

Alberta Chinese Outdoor Adventure Club

2:30 - 2:40

How to Make a Dream Catcher by Kokum Doreen Wabasca

Kokum Doreen Wabasca

My name is Frances Doreen Wabasca. I was born in Grouard Alberta on January 18, 1940.

I have an Iroquois, Ojibwe, Soto, Dene and Cree bloodline, but I only spoke Cree at home. I started Residential school at the age of eight and after a while there, we were allowed to go home on weekends and it was during that time I spoke only Cree at home and paid close attention to the Culture and Tradition of our lifestyle because I was determined not to forget any part of it as many had been experiencing. At that time I also learned the use of traplines for trapping animals for their furs and moose hunting for meat for the family. I learned how to do seaming nets and commercial fishing, building boats and all the skills I will need to pass on later to my people who have lost them. I was taught by my father Peter Wabasca. It was outlawed for us to speak the language and wear our traditional regalia at the school. If we were caught disobeying this rule, we were strapped and punished, witnessing this I was determined to keep my culture and later re-educate those who had lost it. I became a Culture Carrier and in 1970, started teaching my Cree language not only to my people but also to the RCMP, nurses and Social workers so that they could communicate with Indigenous people there. During that time, I attended Keyano College to gain Industrial training and later became the first Indigenous woman to be employed in the Industrial world.

Being a Cultural Carrier I have been teaching elements of our culture, traditions, and Language such as the making of mocassins, beading, dreamcatchers, medicine wheels, moss bags, quilting, bonnets at the same time speaking our language during the session as a way to revitalize what we were losing. I have been teaching in Senior Centers to survivors of the residential schools who wish to regain their culture and tradition, young unwed mothers who wish to learn their heritage and were never taught before and non-indigenous who wish to learn about our culture, tradition, and language.

I am presently teaching in eight schools, daycare centers, and the Girl Guides Cree language, beading and making of dreamcatchers and to the middle school and High school my story as a Survivor.

I am also a Genealogist for the past 26 years and have been researching the history of my native people.

I am a Board member and a National Elder within the National Congress of Aboriginal Peoples in Ottawa.

In recognition of my strength and courage as an Aboriginal woman and for my community work and contribution in the Industrial field, I was given the Esquao Award in 2002.

I believe now is the time that I share the story of my survival and paving the road for other Indigenous women.

2:40 - 2:50

Virtual Tour of Alberta's Multicultural Hotspots

Fort Saskatchewan Multicultural Association and Diversity Magazine


2:50 - 3:00

Zumba Dance, Instructor: Mengzhe Wang 王梦哲

ICAN Seniors Association and Twin Brooks Community League

3:00 - 3:30

Mid-Autumn Tribute to Seniors

Tin Yip and Ed Lam

3:30 - 4:00

Coffee Chat with Multicultural Seniors on Mid-Autumn and Harvest Cultures

Lan Chan-Marples and Friends

End of the 2nd Day

Day 3

September 25, 2020

Multiculturalism Under the Mid-Autumn Moon Virtual Concert

6:30 - 6:35

Welcome by Host Melanie Gall

6:35 - 6:37

Indigenous Blessing by Kokum Doreen Wabasca

Kokum Doreen Wabasca, Elder and Cultural Carrier

6:37 - 6:40

Greetings from Chinese Benevolent Association of Edmonton

Dr. Michael Lee

6:40 - 6:42

National Anthem - O Canada

Singer - Melanie Gall

6:42 - 6:50

Lion Dance by Hung Mon Athletic Club

Edmonton Hung Mon Athletic Club

6:50 - 6:53

Greetings from Government of Canada

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada

The Hon. Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth

6:53 - 7:03

Song: Red River Valley and See the Conquering Hero Comes

Edmonton Chinese Choir

East China Immigrants Society of Edmonton

Greenland Music Society

Melody Cultural Community Centre

New Winds Music & Arts Association

Red Maple Music Association

7:03 - 7:13

Dance: South Asian

South Asian Arts Movement

7:13 - 7:16

Greetings from Government of Alberta

Premier Jason Kenney

The Hon. Leela Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

7:16 - 7:30

Dance: Red Umbrella and Dumhuang Flying Fairies

Alberta Chinese Dance Association

7:30 - 7:40

Dance: Israeli Folk Dance

Aviv Israeli Folk Dance Association

7:40 - 7:42

Greetings from: City of Edmonton

Mayor Don Iveson

7:42 - 7:52

Dance: Fruitful and My Home is in China

Edmonton Qipao Club

7:52 - 8:02

Dance: Celtic Ceilidh Dance

Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy

8:02 - 8:02

Greetings from Nathan Ip - Ward H Edmonton Public School Board Trustee

8:02 - 8:22

Chinese Martial Arts: Tai Chi & Kung Fu Demonstration


Canadian Ging Wu Kung Fu Martial Arts Association

Ji Hong Wu Shu & Tai Chi College

Jing Ying Martial Arts

Shang De Tai Chi Praying Mantis Martial Arts

8:22 - 8:32

Drum & Dance: African Drumming and Dance

Sangea Academy

8:32 - 8:42

Dance & Song: Rajasthani Dance and Song "Punsela"

Ensemble Topaz

8:42 - 8:52

Dance: Fijian Warrior Dance

Fijian i-Taukei Cultural Association of Alberta

8:52 - 9:02

Chinese Martial Arts: Demonstration

Shang De Tai Chi Praying Mantis Martial Arts

9:10 - 9:22

Dance: Ukrainian

Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

9:22 - 9:29

Closing Performance Lion Dance

Chinese community lion dance collaboration with Hung Mon, Hong De Jing Ying, Ging Wu, Shang De and Hakka Association

9:29 - 9:30

Closing Remarks

Thank You!